Private Lion Fish Hunting Trips

Lionfish are an invasive species native to the indo pacific region and the Red Sea. Intentional & unintentional release from aquariums are the most likely cause for their invasion in the Caribbean. Lionfish are a beautiful fish but are incredibly bad for our reef systems. They can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day and feed on just about any marine creature they want. With no natural predators a single small lionfish can reduce the number of juvenile fish on any given reef by approx 79% in a matter of weeks.

So that’s where we come in. Here at Superior Dive we consider ourselves invasive species control specialists and our aim is to keep the number of lionfish in Sosua Bay down to a minimum. We actively hunt them and are happy to train you how to hunt them as well.

Lionfish have 18 venemous spines that can quite easily penetrate human skin delivering a painful sting and swelling. There are no known human fatalities as a result of lionfish stings but hunting them doesn’t come without it’s risks. On a positive note they taste really good. So if we are lucky enough to catch some then we will happily get them cooked up after the dives.

lionfish hunting sosua