The Sosua Bay Rejuvenation Project is a group of divers dedicated to preserving and enhancing the life in the ocean in Sosua. We are actively invloved with coral restoration, coral nurseries and environmental clean-ups here in the Dominican Republic. We work with the community to identify and reduce land based stressors and to educate the public on the health of our oceans.

Superior DIve Sosua offers our divers a chance to see and be part of this wonderful coral restoration project. Let’s make our first dive at the coral nurseries in the 3 Rocks and clean the nets that our staghorn coral cuttings are growing on. After our surface interval we will make a second dive at the Puntilla/West Wall area and see how our transplanted coral cuttings are growing on the sponsored reef domes and tighten any of the loose coral cuttings.

The world’s oceans are under threat for many reasons and we are happy to be part of a team trying to protect our own little piece of ocean right here in Sosua Bay. Join us and help us make a difference. For more information about the Sosua Bay Rejuvenation Project then check out their facebook page.