Diving in the Dominican Republic & Sosua Bay

The diving here in the Dominican Republic is very underated. Sosua Bay has great dive spots for beginners and more challenging dives for experienced divers. All dive sites are between 2 – 10 mins boat ride from the beach. We have minimal tide changes and currents. Visibilty can be incredible and we dive year round with water temperatures averaging 25c/77f.

We have some great wall diving, a nice deep wreck and plenty of shallower dive spots with an abundance of marine life.

Expect to see a lot of smaller marine creatures such as spider crabs, flamingo tongues, lots of yellow tail snappers, seargant majors, parrott fish and wrasse. We often find seahorses and nudibranch & turtles are not uncommon. Between December & March is whale watching season & these incredible creatures pass right through Sosua Bay on the way to breed in Samana.

Please don’t come here expecting to see tiger sharks and manta rays but what we do have is nice, easy, pretty diving right on our doorstep.

If you are interested in going scuba diving with us in Sosua, why not check out some of the dive sites which we visit and then contact us to book your next Dominican Republic scuba diving vacation!